What We Do

We help government agencies increase capacity to do more good.
Specifically, we change minds, fix systems, and …


Transform how the work of government gets done

  • Redesign service delivery models and business processes
  • Revamp training curriculum content, design, and delivery for greater impact
  • Manage large-scale change initiatives (change management)
  • Co-manage operations
  • Modernize policy by analyzing and rewriting policy manuals
  • Focus an agency’s operational data into the critical measures that leaders need to manage, sustain, and drive continuous improvement


Turn public servants into problem solvers and change agents

  • Conduct workshops, training and coaching designed specifically for government employees, including:
    • Change Agents Academy
    • Radical Process Improvement
  • Publish and produce thought leadership  designed specifically for government leaders and employees
    • Books
      C!A’s founder, Ken Miller, is author of two of the most popular books on improving government:

      • We Don’t Make Widgets
      • Extreme Government Makeover
    • Articles  published in leading, public sector publications


Deliver innovative SaaS solutions to transform operation management and service delivery

  • Current™: Manage work + staff capacity in real time to maximize productivity, both virtual and on-site
  • Insights Engine: Accelerate eligibility decision timeliness
  • Child Care Exchange: An End-to-End, Integrated Self-Service Child Care Delivery Solution