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Acquired by Vimo

Doing more good…together

C!A Joining Forces to Do More Good, Accelerate Impact in Health and Human Services

For nearly two decades, Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®) has helped human services agencies across the country increase their capacity to do more good and improve outcomes.

With our proven approaches and cutting-edge SaaS service delivery platform developed specifically for health and human services, we have helped transform safety net program service delivery for 45 percent of states in the nation and several counties. By improving response times, enabling same-day determinations, and decreasing assessment caseloads, we have helped agencies across the country make a tremendous impact on the lives of the children and families they serve. But, we know there is much more good that still needs to be done.

That’s why we are so excited to announce that we are joining forces with Vimo®, a Silicon Valley-based technology company leading public sector healthcare IT modernization that shares our purpose and passion for doing more good in health and human services, which includes eligibility (e.g., Medicaid, SNAP, child care, housing), child welfare, child support, and unemployment insurance.

Focused on creating purpose-driven SaaS solutions to enable all Americans to gain easy and timely access to affordable health care and safety net programs under the brand name GetInsured, Vimo has built a reputation as a formidable technology leader in the health care exchange marketplace.

Combining our deep human services experience, process expertise, and proven track record with Vimo’s deep bench of technical experts will allow us to accelerate our ability to better help you help those in need.

There is more good to do. C!A and Vimo begin working together today to help you move your mission forward.

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C!A and Vimo:  United by passion and purpose

Get Insured Change and Innovation Agency
A shared mission to enable more Americans to gain easy and timely access to affordable healthcare and safety net programs
  • Help Americans enroll in affordable health insurance with the same ease as buying a plane ticket or booking a hotel room online.
  • Help human services agencies optimize service delivery to recover capacity and allow agencies to do more good
Leverage leading-edge SaaS solutions to modernize and future-proof public sector health and human services operations
  • Enable user-friendly consumer-facing shopping, eligibility determination, and enrollment processes through our SaaS-based state marketplace technology platform
  • Redesign agencies’ business processes
  • Maintain operational excellence through SaaS-based Service Delivery Platform
Deliver better experiences and outcomes for applicants
  • Powered more than 2.6 million enrollments in 2020
  • Seven states leverage GetInsured technology in whole or in part
Transformed safety net service delivery for nearly half of all states and several large counties, resulting in:

  • 70% faster delivery of safety net benefits
  • 40 – 130% more families served with improved accuracy
  • 80% increase in same-day determinations

We care about doing good through technology