Reclaim staff capacity to do more good

Economic downturn. Public health emergency. Natural disaster. While we certainly don’t want any of these crisis situations to occur, the reality is that we know they will – we just don’t know when.

When such a crisis strikes – and unemployment insurance claims spike – you and your team need to be ready and prepared to deliver benefits to a wave of new customers in their moments of need. Unfortunately, you don’t have the time to hire and train new staff.

So how can you ensure you are maximizing the capacity of your existing trained staff – serving the most customers you can with the resources you have every day? This is where the Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®) team comes in to help.

Using our proven, capacity-building approaches and SaaS technology solutions, we help you rethink how the important work of your agency gets done to serve customers and improve outcomes that matter most.

Highly skilled in capacity-building and business process redesign efforts, our Unemployment Insurance team is ready to help you create a resilient agency ready to adapt and meet changing demand.

Contact C!A today and let’s discuss how we can help you be ready before the next crisis strikes.

Rethink how the work gets done to achieve outcomes that matter most

Improve processing times

Improve accuracy

Improve customer experience

Strengthen compliance and avoid penalties

Increase collections

Capacity-building approaches
and SaaS solutions to help you do more good

What we do…and how we help

Redesign business processes to increase staff capacity and meet changing demand

Optimize service delivery and workforce productivity

Maximize your technology modernization investment

Revolutionize collections approach to increase collections success

Modernize policies to align with today’s operation

Want to see Current in action?

Request a demo and see first-hand how our service delivery platform can help you manage service delivery and optimize workforce productivity at the push of a button.

Act today to be ready when the next crisis strikes

Contact our Unemployment Insurance Practice Team today and let’s discuss how we can help you and your team create a resilient agency ready to meet demand when the next crisis strikes.

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