Ken Miller

The following are the most requested articles written by Ken Miller, the founder of Change & Innovation Agency.

Blake Shaw

The following articles are written by Blake Shaw, a senior partner at the Change & Innovation Agency.

  • Process Management – They Speak for Themselves
    There have been many questions from program administrators on process management work at a time when state agency capacities remain stagnant while demand for public assistance continues to increase.

Leo Ribas

The following articles are written by Leo Ribas, a partner at the Change & Innovation Agency.

Sean Toole

The following article was written by Sean Toole, a Client Partner at the Change & Innovation Agency.

Public Great

The following articles originally appeared on Governing.com

  • CYA is Killing Kids
    Agencies’ tendency to add more rules (and thus work) every time something bad happens prevents child protection workers from doing everything they can to keep kids safe.
  • What Citizens Really Want
    Above all else, citizens want results. When they don’t get them, they morph into selfish people.
  • Epic Technology Failures
    There are many, but tracking software — which various government agencies make use of every day – is one of the biggest.

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