Sean Toole

Senior Vice President

As a nationally recognized leader in human services, Sean has dedicated his career to helping agencies improve performance through process and innovative technology solutions to help families thrive

“While CCWIS innovations hold significant promise, driving improved outcomes in child welfare isn’t about development techniques and new systems. It’s about an enduring focus on increasing capacity to improve the lives of the clients you serve.”

– Sean Toole

Sean’s Story:

Sean Toole joined Change and Innovation after a 30 year career leading transformation programs with human services agencies. Starting out in New York City, Sean worked with government agencies to adopt new technologies. Sean developed a passion for human services from early work with child welfare case management systems, which evolved into transformative projects around the country. These long-term efforts enabled a series of innovations supporting agency outcomes. Sean became a firm believer that technology is most effective when the entire organization is aligned with the goals, objectives and process, and that strong adaptive leadership is a critical foundation for success.

With a focus on developing long-term relationships based on trust and a desire to challenge the status quo, Sean was influential in developing early analytics, mobility and enterprise case management tools for clients in Texas, New York, Georgia, Kansas, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska and elsewhere around the country to deliver lasting change.

At C!A, Sean focuses on bringing new improvements to Child Welfare agencies, Child Support, and Unemployment Insurance, through capacity development and exploration of new automated insight tools to better serve families.