Leo Ribas

Senior Vice President

A highly accomplished and recognized human services leader, Leo has helped more than 45% of state human services agencies find innovative solutions to the biggest challenge facing government today: the need to increase capacity to provide accurate and faster access to healthcare, food, and safety net programs to an ever-increasing number of customers

“We must first evaluate and redesign our service delivery pipeline—the method through which the work is actually completed—to address our capacity challenges, and then utilize technology to automate the strategies we have put in place. The redesign and reinvention of how we work is very different from how we automate our work. A truly adaptive leader embraces this nontraditional thinking to develop innovative solutions that yield real, lasting improvement.”

– Leo Ribas

Leo’s Story:

Leo Ribas has a personal and professional passion for human services and an immense appreciation for the people of government and their commitment to ensure families gain access to basic needs and hope for a better tomorrow. As Director for Community Services, Leo managed Washington State’s $2 billion/year public assistance system (60 field offices, 3,000 staff, policy development) providing Medicaid, food, employment, and other safety net services to 1.5 million residents. Leo earned a reputation as a valued partner with the federal government, state legislature and community leaders setting innovative direction for anti-poverty/hunger programs. Leo spearheaded the business process redesign (BPR) efforts to transform the delivery of programs while improving performance, placing customer needs at the center of the reforms and removing unnecessary steps for staff. This effort accomplished new levels of productivity and a framework for change that has been utilized across the country.

In 2010, Leo left the public sector to join the Change & Innovation Agency(C!A®) with the vision of using his passion and skills to transform government service delivery across the nation. Working side-by-side with dedicated staff, agency leaders, and stakeholders, Leo has designed and implemented service delivery reforms that have allowed human services agencies in 22 states and the District of Columbia, and many large counties, to improve outcomes while facing crushing workload increases, growing policy complexity and budget cuts. The work in these states is transforming the delivery of human services by challenging industry assumptions, resulting in healthier families, safer children and stronger communities.

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