Blake Shaw

Senior Partner

Immensely passionate about helping government be a force for good, Blake has dedicated his professional life to helping government leaders and their teams across the country challenge assumptions and the status quo and embrace new, innovative solutions to tackle some of the most pressing problems facing society.

“The biggest problem facing government agencies across the country is that of capacity. Employees want to provide the customers they serve with the services that they so desperately need, but despite their best efforts, there is just too much work to keep up. By looking at this challenge from the eyes of the customers, we help agencies rethink how they can deliver those services in the most efficient and timely manner possible and restore dignity to the process for all those involved.”

– Blake Shaw

Blake’s Story:

In early 2000, Blake Shaw found himself submerged in human services. From his position in the Missouri Governor’s office, Blake oversaw the improvement efforts of social services, mental health, and senior services. Watching demand continue to rise and budgets continually fall, Blake abandoned legislative and policy strategies for a more hands-on tactic.

By challenging the assumptions of the entire industry and reengaging customers, front-line staff, and advocacy groups, Blake has been able to find the most innovative solutions to our most pressing problems, and get results unequalled by new laws, new policies, and new technology.

In 2003, Blake left the public sector to become a senior partner with the Change & Innovation Agency, with the vision of transforming government service delivery across the country. Since then, he has taught thousands of public servants the key to real improvements through his interactive training workshops, team facilitation, and writings.