What the ACA Reveals about Re-creating the Child Care System

Quality, affordable child care holds the key to improved lives for all – better futures for children, greater economic opportunity for families, and increased workforce capacity for local and state economies. Unfortunately, today in the U.S., many struggle with the far-reaching impacts of a looming child care crisis. Despite recent job market growth, research shows [...]

On the Outside Looking In: Reimagining Child Care Program and Policy Through a Cross-Pollination Lens

There are numerous challenges facing the child care industry today. Many of these challenges—such as limited staffing, lengthy licensing process, convoluted administrative processes, and outdated technology solutions—are not new. Despite this reality, we continue to tackle the challenges with traditional approaches that do not meet the needs of the modern, evolving family, providers, or agencies. [...]

Unemployment Insurance: Addressing the Critical Issue of Insufficient Federal Administrative Grants

When I served as Deputy Labor Secretary for the state of Kansas, and now as I work with unemployment insurance (UI) agencies across the country, one of the most prominent and concerning issues facing states that I consistently see is regarding funding. Specifically, the federal administrative grant does not cover the actual costs of administering [...]

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