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Ideas, resources, tools and support to help you and your team navigate PHE Unwinding and meet demand

You’re Not Alone

The work you and your team do every day to ensure our nation’s most vulnerable receive the safety net benefits they need and are deserving of is truly a work of heart.

We know the weight of this work first-hand, as nearly all of our consultants came from government and sat in your chairs. And, we understand the enormity of PHE unwinding and the level of effort it will take to successfully redetermine healthcare coverage for the thousands of people who are counting on you.

Full of ideas, thought leadership, and tools – the PHE Unwinding Hub is just one of the latest resources we’ve pulled together to let you know you’re not alone as you and your team navigate Medicaid redeterminations and meet unprecedented demand.

Thanks for all you do every day. You’ve got this. And …we’ve got you.

How can we help?

If you have questions or would like to know more about any of our proven capacity-building strategies and solutions that helped human services agencies survive pandemic demand and the Great Recession, feel free to contact us.

Braintrust: Putting our minds together to serve our nation’s most vulnerable in new and innovative ways

C!A’s Braintrust is a space for human services leaders to put their minds together as they seek to serve our nation’s most vulnerable in new and innovative ways.

In pursuit of our shared missions to better help those in their moments of need, we will tackle society’s most pressing issues of today, learn from one another’s shared experiences, brainstorm solutions, and look to the future.

Part problem sharing, part problem solving, part encouraging, it is our goal to make all Braintrust members feel welcomed and championed.  And, we want you know you are not alone as you and your team carry out your work of heart every day.

When we put our minds together, we are unstoppable. Join us – and let’s get started and do more good.

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Resources to Help You Ride The Wave


Webcast: Don’t Let PHE Unwinding be Your Agency’s Undoing: Ensuring you have your bases covered

Have you done all you can to meet PHE unwinding demand? C!A moderated a discussion of state and national human services leaders as they challenged others to make sure their unwinding plans were complete and they were using every tool at their disposal to increase capacity and meet demand.
March 9, 2023

Thought Leadership

Emerging Stronger When the Public Health Emergency Ends: How Agencies Can Make Room for the Upcoming Wave of Renewals and New Customer
Policy & Practice, February 2022

Changing Our Relationship with Data: Solving Our Capacity Crisis by Making Data Work for Us, Not the Other Way Around
Policy & Practice, October 2022

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