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PathOS: Cloud-Based Workload Management Software

PathOS® is C!A’s proprietary, cloud-based workload management software that allows you to track clients and caseworkers, manage workflow, and improve operations. PathOS is an easily configurable, out-of-the-box solution designed specifically to support your business processes by providing decision makers with real-time information about the volume, age, and type of work outstanding, as well as worker productivity information.

Real-Time Performance Analytics

PathOS tracks each client and caseworker through every step of the process, and then aggregates that data into reports that let you:

Monitor, measure, and manage wait time, workflow, and other thresholds in real time

Reallocate staff and resources, locally and systemwide

Compare and enhance performance

Integration with Process Management Strategy

Technology solutions play a role in assisting with the automation of work and making reporting and data collection easier, but they do not, on their own, make significant strides in helping offices increase efficiency and serve more clients. C!A offers PathOS implementation as a companion to our process management strategy. This means that instead of relying solely on PathOS, you also gain access to C!A’s delivery experts who will monitor your workload data and work hand-in-hand with your teams to co-manage local office operations and accomplish day-to-day operational goals.

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