Our story is one of hope.

Working in government is a noble profession and the people of government are amazing, but the systems of government are a mess.

At C!A®, and as part of the Vimo® family of innovative solutions for health and human services, we know firsthand all too well the daily challenges that you and your team face because we, too, worked in government.

And no matter how good your intentions are, broken systems prevent you and your colleagues from doing what is in your heart to do to help those less fortunate and in desperate need of safety net and other government programs. We know what it’s like going home at night knowing you did all you could possibly do…but knowing you still need to do so much more.

We also know there is a better way. And that’s why our team members have dedicated their lives to working with government agencies across the country to offer a different approach. Using our proven and unique methods, we challenge the government’s status quo. While many focus on tackling symptoms, we focus on underlying problems (which are almost always tied to broken systems) to help you increase your capacity to do all the good our citizens need us to do in this world.

On your darkest days – when the lines get longer, the stacks of actual and virtual files continue to grow, the phones keep ringing, and awareness weighs heavily on your shoulders that those less fortunate than you are relying on you to help them – we want you to know you are not alone. The C!A team is ready to step in, roll-up their sleeves, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, and start fixing what’s wrong with the systems of government together.

It is our singular focus to reassure clients that chaos is over, peace is coming, and work will get better.

Let’s get better together…and do more good.

Turning darkness into light

Our philosophy for transforming government:

Transforming government will only happen when enlightenment happens – when we abandon the limiting beliefs that keep us trying the same worn out solutions.

Government faces a capacity problem, not a capability problem. We have good people who know what to do, we just don’t have the capacity to keep up with the demands placed upon us.