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Families facing an urgent need often turn to their communities for help. For many, this comes in the form of access to food, health care, employment, childcare, child support, and social services. It is critical that you and your team are ready to effectively deliver these vital safety-net services our residents so desperately need.

C!A® is the industry leader for helping human services agencies across the country transform their service delivery and business practices. We focus on finding innovative solutions to the biggest challenge facing human services today: the need to increase capacity to serve a larger number of customers as accurately and quickly as possible.

Working side by side with dedicated staff, agency leaders, and stakeholders, we have streamlined the delivery of programs including:

  • Medicaid
  • SNAP
  • TANF
  • Childcare
  • Child Support
  • General Assistance
  • Case Management

These efforts have resulted in dramatic improvements such as 70% faster delivery of food, health care, and social safety nets and increased child support collections. These outcomes were achieved while serving 40% to 130% more customers with fewer staff and no large investments in technology.

Real impact, real results

70% improvement in timeliness

40% – 130% more families served

60% – 80% increase in same-day determinations

Helped clients avert financial sanctions and court injunctions

Increasing your capacity to do more good

Whether you serve customers in local/field offices, call centers, processing centers, or via a network of community partners, we will improve your service delivery and workflow to serve more families faster.

Redesign eligibility, social services, and child support processes

Streamline before automation
(or despite it!)

Co-manage day-to-day operations

Revamp eligibility training

Conduct policy analysis

Manage workload and staff utilization

Impacting lives across the country

Learn how C!A has helped 40% of the states in the country increase their capacity to do more good.

  C!A State Human Services Work

  C!A County Human Services Work

Making a STATE-ment:

Our customers have different needs. One process does not fit all. With C!A, we eliminate repeat visits, we resolve client issues at first contact, we get rid of bottlenecks, we have on-demand interviews and processing, we reduce rework. And that gives us more time to meet with complex cases.

Pankaj Bhanot, Director, State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services

It all comes down to timeliness — how quickly you can deliver services to those who need them. That’s what our families care about, that’s what our legislators care about. With the transition to process management, we’ve turned our cycle time around. Applications that used to take 22 or 23 days to process, now take an average of 5.

Ronald Kreher, Director, Department of Health and Social Services, State of Alaska Division of Public Assistance

Nationally, Human Service agencies are being asked to demonstrate value in more robust ways. One of the ways we have sought to increase our value to customers has been to examine how we do our work … our business processes. We benefited tremendously from an engagement with the Change & Innovation Agency (C!A) to help us better serve the 500,000 annual customers to our Regional Offices. Additionally, the business processes reengineered for the face-to-face interactions were adapted to additional customer engagement channels. Great value for our customers! C!A has been a valued partner in our service turnaround strategy.

Roderick L. Bremby, Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Social Services

DWSS has worked with lots of consultants over the years and they all had nice brochures, but Change & Innovation Agency really made good on their promises and delivered in a big way for Nevada. The improvement in service delivery in terms of gained capacities and efficiencies was dramatic and sustainable. Change & Innovation not only guided us through the transformation from a case management model to a task based system, but also provided us with a task tracking system called PathOS, and follow- up support above and beyond our expectations. We are now working to expand their product into all other areas of our operation and look forward to a continued partnership with them for years to come.

Steve H. Fisher, Administrator, Division of Welfare and Supportive Services - Nevada
Congratulations Brian. I’m sure you’re doing awesome work. I will always remember participating in your week long Lean Yellow Belt class in Sacramento California. Your class inspired me and my colleagues to streamline a one year process down to 15 days. Best wishes for continued success!
Orlanda Bratlien, Associate Governmental Program Analyst at Department of Health Care Services
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