Now is the time to empower your problem solvers …

If ever there is a time that innovation is needed in the public service across the country – it is now.

Struggling to regain momentum and focus amidst COVID-19 fallout and budget reductions – governments must reinvent how they provide the services that citizens and business so desperately need and rely on.

With simple techniques, it is possible to make innovation happen without new staff or resources.

That’s why C!A is excited to introduce Practical Problem Solving: An Introduction to Innovation – our online training program for public servant leaders and their teams.

Based on our popular, flagship Innovation Academy, and designed for the adult learner, our online program energizes public servants to embrace the role of problem solver. Broken into a series of short segments, the program is full of actionable ideas and exercises that challenge participants to reimagine how they do their jobs. Participants finish the program with a roadmap and tools that they can use to reshape how government works to meet the needs of citizens and businesses.

Whether working individually or with a team, remotely or onsite, participants will be able to immediately apply the newly learned problem-solving concepts and help create what’s next in government service delivery.

This training gives you permission to be awesome at your job.

– Brian Elms, C!A

Reshape the future of government: Learn how to change and innovate

During our online training, participants will be introduced to practical tools that will help them embrace the role of problem solver and reimagine how they perform their jobs. Specifically, participants will learn how to:

  • Determine what problem or issue to tackle
  • Map service delivery processes
  • Identify challenges that prevent change from happening
  • Organize the improvement for the greatest impact
  • Create standard workflows

Online Learning:
Maximum benefit, minimum resources

In the words of our raving fans…

“This is the most approachable and easy to understand concept for solving problems. I have taken too many trainings that are just not useful. Thank goodness this exists.”

“I can’t believe how simple it is to use See It, Say It, Solve It. This is easily applicable and useful at any level in the department.”

“So simple and so relevant! i loved it. It makes sense and the steps are easy.”

“My takeaway from this course is that I can break down issues I perceive to be large and pervasive into small tasks that I have control over.”

“A superb and engaging program! The coursework was thoughtfully organized in easy-to-understand segments; Brian, who also made himself available outside the course, was engaging and thorough; and the task were enormously insightful. I truly enjoyed my experience.”

“Very pragmatic approach to problem solving, with realistic expectations of not being able to solve everything. Thanks!”

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