How do I lead a sustainable innovation initiative?

It takes courage to lead change, especially in government. You have to admit that things could be better, be able to explain why they need to change, and paint a picture of what is possible. And, most importantly, you have to convince employees that it is okay to question the status quo and embrace the role of problem solver.

Creating a Center of Innovation in your organization takes time and commitment. And it it can be overwhelming.

But you and your team don’t have to be alone. In fact, C!A can be with you every step of the way. Brian Elms, the leader of our Innovation Practice, the former director of the largest, nationally recognized innovation program, and author of Peak Performance, along with C!A’s team of change agents, will help you successfully implement and lead a sustainable innovation initiative.

Specifically, through ongoing innovation consulting engagements, we will guide you and your team as you work to:

  1. Train and coach your team to be awesome
  2. Create a culture that encourages government employees to embrace innovative thinking
  3. Establish an innovation program throughout government
  4. Empower employees to identify how to make government work better
  5. Capitalize on the improvements to government and its delivery of services to citizens and improved employee morale

We’ve been in your position. We can work to make a difference in your organization. And we’re ready to share our lessons learned and help you and your team find success by radically delivering to your citizens.

Contact us today to begin exploring how we can help you lead a government innovation initiative.

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