small changes = BIG IMPACT in the lives of citizens

The possibilities are endless when government employees are empowered to seek new and innovative ways to provide better and more timely services to citizens and businesses, and all the while make their job better.

And with simple techniques, it is possible to make innovation happen without new staff or resources.

Guided by C!A’s team of innovation leaders and using a highly effective innovation model designed specifically for government agencies, government leaders from all levels of government and their teams, are letting their innovators run wild. They are embracing innovative thinking and supporting their employees to be problem solvers to find solutions that result in better service to residents, and make their jobs better.

Do you want to achieve results that will impact lives for citizens by improving wait times, simplifying processes, and increasing staff engagement?

Innovation Impact:

$25 million:
amount Denver saved over 5 years as a result of innovations

21 days to 11 days:
decreased number of days animals spent in shelters
90 minutes to 20 minutes:
decreased wait time at the DMV
3 hours to 8 minutes:
decreased wait time to apply for business license
21 days to 4 days:
decreased time to obtain Medicaid approval

Proud to have trained innovators across the country! 

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Why not?

At C!A, we are pushing to find a better way for government to do more good.

Unleashing an untapped asset, like employees, enables governments to solve problems that plague every department. Creating a highly trained group of innovators can transform the way you provide services.

Peak Performance changed the game for us at the City of Miami. It made concepts like innovation and strategy far more accessible, allowing us to tap into our workforces’ creativity, collaborative capacity, and overall desire to do better. The book grounded our program by defining a line of sight from problem definition to measurable, implemented solutions. Every time we teach something from the Peak Performance playbook, we see the light bulbs go off and enjoy our colleagues being reinvigorated in their work.

Mike Sarasti, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Miami

Brian Elms is a treat to work with. He presented to Results for America’s Local Government Fellows in January 2018 and received high marks across the board from all of our participants. Brian engaged our group of very busy policymakers and taught them tools and strategies that they can use immediately to improve their government’s work. Thank you.

Maia Jachimowicz, Results for America

Brian Elms is an exceptional presenter. He delivers hilariously while getting to the core of challenges in government. But unlike most speakers, Brian’s not trying to fix us. He’s reminding us that we have what it takes to fix ourselves and empowering us with the steps to do it.  Whether you need inspiration to change, direction on where to start, or help to do it – Brian’s talk will propel your team forward.

Cheriene Floyd, Strategic Planning and Performance Manager, City of Miami

Congratulations Brian. I’m sure you’re doing awesome work. I will always remember participating in your week long Lean Yellow Belt class in Sacramento California. Your class inspired me and my colleagues to streamline a one year process down to 15 days. Best wishes for continued success!

Orlanda Bratlien, Associate Governmental Program Analyst at Department of Health Care Services

Where do you start?

While undertaking a new initiative – especially the idea of introducing innovative thinking in government – can be overwhelming, the beauty about our Innovation in Government model is that you can start small. Fundamentally, it’s the hundreds of small changes that will have the lasting impact.

But, as a leader, how do you create a culture that encourages government employees to embrace innovative thinking and ensure its long-term sustainability?

We understand the concerns and challenges of shaking up the status quo, as many of our team members are former government employees. And Brian Elms, leader of C!A’s Innovation in Government Practice, author of Peak Performance and former director of the Denver Peak Academy — will be with you every step of the way.

Teach government employees
how to innovate (intense innovation academy, on-site)

Teach government employees
how to be problem solvers and innovate (introduction to innovation, online)

Help me lead a successful
government innovation initiative

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Your partner in innovation

Brian Elms leads the Innovation in Government Practice for C!A. He is working with multiple governments to launch meaningful and sustainable innovation programs that improve the lives of citizens and government employees. As the author of Peak Performance and former director of the Denver Peak Academy – the largest, nationally recognized government innovation program in the country – he brings his 15 years of government service to each client.


Learn from the Leader of Innovation in Government

The book, Peak Performance, written by Brian Elms and J.B. Wogan, details where the idea of innovation in government all got started.

When Denver Mayor Michael Hancock took office in 2011, he inherited an $80 million budget shortfall and a government workforce that had been through multiple rounds of cuts and furloughs. Morale was low. He needed a way to drive greater efficiencies, cost savings and improved performance — and he had to do it in-house, on a shoe-string budget.

Enter Peak Academy, the coaching and innovation program Mayor Hancock created to teach frontline city employees how to tackle small problems and deliver big results. In four years, Peak Academy trained 5,000 government staff in the fundamentals of lean manufacturing and other process management techniques. More than 2,000 employee-driven innovations later, the program had saved Denver an estimated $15 million. Word got out and dozens of other governments sent their staffs to Denver or hired Peak Academy to bring the training to them.

In this fun, easy-to-read guide, Brian Elms and former Governing staff writer J.B. Wogan deliver the basics for the rest of us, with:

  • a surprisingly frank discussion about how hard it was to get the program off the ground
  • a thoughtful exploration of both the challenges faced and the reasons why Peak ultimately succeeded
  • a clear overview of Peak Academy training methods and tools (including yes, all those yellow stickies)
  • concrete examples of employee-driven innovations—many of which sound, in hind-sight, like $40,000 no-brainers, until you realize there are hundreds of similar and much-needed fixes in every workplace

Peak Performance is the liveliest, most entertaining book about improving public sector performance I’ve ever read. On top of that, it’s full of wisdom you can use in your own organization. You can read it in two hours, and it will help you for years.

David Osborne, co-author of Reinventing Government, Banishing Bureaucracy, The Reinventor’s Fieldbook, and The Price of Government

This book is a must for anyone who believes government can make a difference in our lives. Brian Elms provides a brilliant and authentic voice while working in government for the city of Denver’s performance office. Peak Performance details how a courageous and visionary mayor and a highly dedicated workforce can give their citizens a more efficient and effective government at a lower cost.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell, author of A Nation of Wusses: How America’s Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great

This is not your typical government efficiency book. Brian pulls back the curtains on one of the country’s premier performance programs to reveal the components that have made it a success. A quick, honest and fun must-read for anyone who lives in a city or works in an organization.

Theresa Reno-Weber, Chief of Performance & Technology, Louisville, KY

Leading our Innovation Cause…

Brian Elms
Brian ElmsInnovation Practice Lead
“At the heart of what we do is empower government employees to become problem solvers and seek ways to make life easier – not only for citizens, but for themselves. It’s powerful when you have 10,000 employees trying to do something better than before.”

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