When you want to help
more children and families …
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Increase your capacity to do more good


For the Change & Innovation Agency (C!A) team, helping human service and child welfare agencies increase their capacity so they can do more good is a way of life.

Across the country, our unique process redesign approaches have transformed agencies and their service delivery models, allowing agencies to regain much-need capacity so they can serve more children and families – and with no new staffing or resources.

Real impact, real results

70% improvement in timeliness

40% – 130% more families served

60% – 80% increase in same-day determinations

Helped clients avert financial sanctions and court injunctions

85% reduction in open safety assessments

75% reduction in time from deployment, decision and documentation

560,000 days saved for families waiting for assessment results

65% reduction in reunified children coming back into care

80% increase in capacity

C!A: Big Issues, bigger heart

Public servants by experience and at heart, Change & Innovation Agency (C!A) is the industry leader for business process redesign (BPR) having worked with over 40% of the states in the nation. We specialize in building capacity in the programs that make a real difference, including human services and child welfare. We help human service and child welfare agencies transform broken systems and regain the capacity they need to deliver safety nets and other vital services to help children and families.

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