Serve the most customers you can with the resources you have each day

Manage all work + staff capacity in real time

Managing service delivery of vital safety net programs is becoming increasingly more complex. As human services agencies evolve to meet customer demand with an ongoing virtual workforce, the trend to supply customers with 24/7 access to their benefits will only continue.

Current™, C!A’s SaaS service delivery platform for health and human services powered by Vimo®,  diminishes this complexity.

With its powerful, real-time insights at your fingertips, you can confidently manage all work + staff capacity in real time. Designed to optimize your agency’s performance and worker productivity, Current prioritizes work and delivers it to workers, ensuring as many customers as possible are served with the resources available each day.

By giving you needed visibility into your entire on-site and virtual operation, you will know every minute how well the agency is meeting demand and delivering access to benefits.

And, set up is easy. Workers simply need internet connectivity and a web browser to access it from any remote work location.

With Current at your fingertips you can…

Features Users Love

Real-time dashboards

Dynamic, highly-visual dashboards offer leaders a real-time view of all access points across the entire agency so they know every minute of every day how much demand exists and how effectively the corresponding work is flowing through the organization to satisfy the demand.

The worker dashboard shows in real time each worker’s contribution to the day’s goal.


Automatically initiates action (if enabled), such as fluidly reassigning workers to meet changing demand and to prevent backlogs and bottlenecks from occurring

Get Next Case

Delivers work to the right workers at the right time, regardless of their physical location, so they always know which case requires their focus

Skill-based routing

Ensures workers only receive work they are trained and qualified to do

Easy set-up for virtual workforce

Offers easy set-up for virtual workers, requiring only an internet connection and web browser

Our Current fans: Here’s what our clients are saying

“I don’t know how this software transition is going for all the different roles in our organization but I wanted to let you know I am impressed from where I sit. I can’t think of any software change I’ve been through with any business that went this smooth for the regular worker. I honestly can’t think of any technical problem that I’ve seen.”

“The complexity of Current is in its simplicity, its hard to believe workflow is this easy”

“IF you are willing to trust the system to execute as designed, it will perform for you, allowing more free time for coaching and development of staff”

“Love the functionality”

“Excited about Current and its capabilities!”

“Very user friendly”

“Awesome functionality”

“Will eventually phase out all of the manual reports and tracking”

A Current Account:

Hear first hand how Current transformed service delivery in Missouri – impacting the lives of customers and workers.

Simple integration with all of your systems

Technically Speaking:
Information to share with your IT team

Here’s information your IT team will likely find helpful:

  • Secure, cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • High availability
  • Geo-redundant
  • Compliant (e.g., FedRAMP, HIPAA, MARS-E)
  • REST API that uses Oauth 2.0
  • Simple integration with multiple systems including eligibility, document management, telephone systems, among others
  • Single Sign-On

Current helps you serve
customers completely
the first time

For nearly two decades, C!A has transformed human services agencies in 45% of the states in the nation by using the principle of First Contact Resolution (FCR) to increase capacity and better serve those in need.

Once processes are redesigned, Current facilitates FCR and focuses workers on serving customers completely, immediately. By eliminating the need for unnecessary customer interactions, our clients routinely reclaim up to 40% of workers’ capacity, freeing them up to serve additional customers and speeding up the time to reach a determination by 70%.

Current helps you measure what matters most

Working hand-in-hand to do more good

As a companion offering to our business process redesign work for Medicaid, SNAP and Safety Net Programs – or as a stand-alone technology solution – Current provides our clients with the insights they need to effectively manage, monitor and reinforce ideal service delivery processes and continue to improve performance and productivity.

Our team of human services experts is available to help leaders fully understand the power of Current and, through ongoing monitoring efforts, how to use the insights it provides to further maximize their technology investment.

Want to see Current in action?

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