Working with You: Options to simplify and speed up the contracting process

The reasons that drive government leaders to work with Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®) are various. Sometimes they are proactively seeking to improve and find new and innovative approaches to deliver services to citizens in a faster and more efficient manner. But other times, agencies may be struggling to perform and they need more immediate help. Whether they are facing a capacity crisis with huge backlogs, not delivering services timely, experiencing customer dissatisfaction or an unengaged workforce – this pain is real for agencies and a lengthy government procurement process only makes the pain worse.

Regardless of why you would like to work with C!A, please reach out and let us know. We will work with you to explore various contracting solutions at your disposal that could simplify – and significantly shorten – the contracting process. Whether we have already been identified as an approved vendor in your state or we execute cooperative procurement options to utilize existing contracts with other industry partners, we will work with you to identify options that can streamline the contracting process and allow us to help you faster.

Contracting Options

State of California:

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)
California agencies using the CMAS schedule for purchases may now contract for Change & Innovation Agency’s professional consulting services under CMAS Contract Number 4-20-03-0808A. For more information about how to buy off of the CMAS contract, check out the “How to Buy Off CMAS Summary” document.