April 17-19, 2024

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) – Annual Conference

Washington, DC

When your mission isn’t changing, but how you serve children and families must…

Child welfare agencies across the country are facing a capacity crisis: there is more work than agencies have time and resources to do. Social worker turnover, combined with growing caseloads and policy and practice pressures, are making the situation worse.

So, when you cannot find or hire staff, how can you do more with the resources you have?

Stop by our booth at the CWLA Annual Conference and find out more about our unique, proven capacity-building approaches and SaaS solutions designed to help agencies regain staff capacity within their existing operation and move their mission forward.

Or, if you would like to have a one-on-one meeting while at the conference, feel free to reach out to us in advance to schedule a meeting. A member of our team will be in touch to find a convenient time to connect.

To hear about our capacity-building approaches in action, be sure to make plans to attend We are in a Capacity Crisis with Only One Way Out: Radical Change on April 18 from 3:00- 4:15pm EST. C!A’s Bill Bott, along with leadership from the Indiana Department of Child Services, will share how they revolutionized safety assessments, an approach that states across the country have implemented and is yielding dramatic results in caseload, quality, equality and family first. To learn more about this session, check out this sneak peak.

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