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How are agencies tackling
the capacity crisis?

Learn what child welfare agencies are doing to build capacity

With more work coming in than the resources to do it, child welfare agencies across the country are facing a capacity crisis.

To merely keep up with the new work coming in, agencies would need to double and, in some cases, even triple their workforce. At a time when increasing staff is not a realistic option, how then are agencies tackling the capacity crisis?

It starts with rethinking how work gets done.

To learn more about how agencies are building capacity, check out our featured video, Child Welfare is Facing a Capacity Crisis.

Rethinking how work gets done:
Delivering results that matter

By helping child welfare agencies rethink how work gets done, our clients have achieved some remarkable results.

+85% reduction in open safety assessments

+75% reduction in time from deployment, decision and documentation

  • +560,000 days saved for families waiting for assessment results

+65% reduction in reunified children coming back into care

+45% reduction in subsequent substantiations

+80% increase in capacity

  • +40% increase in work output
  • +25% fewer staff

+20% more children kept safely at home

  • Alignment with Families First
  • $2.5 million annual reducation of Foster Care costs
  • $2.9 million annual trending cost avoidance

$12.9 million in annual cost avoidance for additional staffing needs

What’s your next step?

Want to rethink how work gets done in your agency to regain much-needed capacity? Contact Sean Toole, Client Partner and Child Welfare Practice Lead, or Bill Bott, Director of Process Improvement, and begin exploring capacity-building strategies that will help you and your team do more good.