Pre-CCWIS Process Redesign

How can we maximize capacity with our technology?

When preparing for a new CCWIS project, it is the perfect time to take a step back and evaluate how you and your team perform your very important work serving children and families. By redesigning how you do your work, you will undoubtedly discover opportunities to regain capacity, while ensuring you and your team perform work in the most efficient way possible.

Process redesign in advance of pursuing a new technology solution will help you optimize your technology investment, ensuring you are developing a solution that aligns with the new, streamlined processes.

As a leader for business process redesign in human services, C!A can help you redesign or enhance your processes, as well as develop technical requirements that will help you accommodate your new processes, capture additional capacity gains, and provide actionable insights that will further support your new way of performing your work. Working with your technology vendor, we can specify the functions and features that will make a real impact in your daily work and, ultimately, case outcomes.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can work with you to redesign your processes in support of investing in, developing, and implementing a successful technology solution.