More eyes, more often

How can we help kids before it is too late?

Only the most critical cases receive attention when child welfare practices are strained and the number of cases is just too large for caseworkers to reasonably tackle. Not surprisingly, children get overlooked, signs of repeated neglect are missed, and children become the victim of the system that, ironically, was designed to help them.

Even with best intentions, cases fall through the cracks. C!A has created a concept that offers more eyes, more often to reduce risk and improve outcomes. Active Monitoring adds a layer of safety to the supervisor/ worker approach. A dedicated caseworker team co-managed by C!A, focused by the use of data driven high risk situations, provides a powerful layer of protection and intervention.

Our Active Monitoring unit identifies the cases that need attention and works cooperatively with field offices to get eyes on the kids before it’s too late. This improves timeliness and quality and results in improved outcomes for children and families.

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