More Eyes, More Often

How can we help kids before it is too late?

Social work works. When we have the time and the capacity, seeing children and working with families can make a real difference. Unfortunately, due to crushing caseloads and high turnover – we have neither the time nor capacity to ensure kids remain safe. With the new Family First Act, agencies are focused on keeping more families together. These kids are our responsibility, and when in our care, we can’t afford “blind spots” – kids in our care that we hope are safe.

Insight = Action

More Eyes More Often (MEMO)™ is an active monitoring solution designed to illuminate our blind spots. MEMO allows you to monitor the risks you could know for the children you do know. Instead of using algorithms to replace social worker judgment at a point in time, MEMO’s digital eyes augment caseworker ability to keep kids safe by alerting the organization to timely changes in circumstance such as:

  • In-home violence
  • Change in household composition
  • Mental health issues
  • Financial instability
  • Housing instability
  • Education issues
  • Provider performance issues
  • Employment change
  • Failure to participate in services
  • Law enforcement issues

How does MEMO work to help you help children and families?

MEMO combines the human touch of an active monitoring unit with an innovative set of digital eyes that instantly scours data to identify changes in circumstance that may indicate emerging risk.

You decide what populations and risk factors you wish to monitor and we configure the system for you. The system can easily scale as your priorities change. Some agencies start with gaining new insights from current data while others may start with the KidFacts™ solution – a timely, complete kinship network at the push of a button – and monitor from there. Whatever you choose, our team is there to help you focus on the highest impact variables.

Imagine if MEMO was working for you …


[Sample MEMO Insight]
KidFacts™ finds relatives for placement

Avoids foster home placement

In-Home Services

[Sample MEMO Insight]
Monitoring alerts for domestic violence in home

Immediate assessment by caseworker

Kinship Placement

[Sample MEMO Insight]
Monitoring identifies change in household, potential sex offender

Immediate action to help child

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