Rising above the challenges

Deluged by an influx of new cases, and saddled with outdated, broken and convoluted processes shaped by years of added non-coordinated CYA steps, new laws and regulations, underfunding and failed IT projects, caseworkers and supervisors – although doing their very best – cannot keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

Rather than blaming caseworkers and supervisors, we at C!A® empower them to transform their broken systems and regain the capacity they need to deliver vital services to help children and families.

Focusing on how to have the greatest impact

What more can we do?

While it is our belief – and experience – that streamlining business processes is fundamental to helping caseworkers serve more families more timely and consistently, we continue to ask “What else can be done to do more good?”

It is this question that drives us to continually seek new, innovative approaches that challenge and disrupt the status quo and augment the important work of caseworkers to help them better help children and families in need.

Rethinking how work gets done:
Delivering results that matter

By helping child welfare agencies rethink how work gets done, our clients have achieved some remarkable results.

75% reduction in time from initial report to fully documented assessment closure

85% reduction in assessment caseloads

45% reduction in subsequent substantiations and 65% fewer children returning into care

10% reduction in kids in care

80% more capacity to:

  • Work more closely with families
  • Improve on safety model
  • Develop and support staff

Turnover… Turnaround: Solutions to overcome social worker turnover and build capacity

While social worker turnover has long been a challenge for child welfare agencies across the country, turnover is occurring now at levels never before seen. C!A, in partnership with APHSA, recently facilitated a timely discussion with child welfare leaders from across the country. Check it out to hear ideas and proven actions that they have taken to help strengthen retention, build capacity, and turn around turnover in their agencies.

Our approach for tackling the child welfare capacity crisis

As we work with child welfare agencies across the country, here’s what we’re learning.

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