Calming the chaos to help children

Deluged by an influx of new clients, and saddled with broken and convoluted processes shaped by years of added CYA steps, new laws and regulations, and failed IT projects, caseworkers – although doing their very best – cannot keep up with the ever-increasing demand. And, misguided attempts to privatize their work or “hold them accountable” have only further contributed to the crisis.

Rather than blaming workers, we at C!A® empower them to transform their broken systems and regain the capacity they need to deliver vital services to help children and families.

Focusing on how to have the greatest impact

What more can we do?

While it is our belief – and experience – that streamlining business processes is fundamental to helping caseworkers serve more families more timely and consistently, we continue to ask “What else can be done to do more good?”

It is this question that drives us to continually seek new, innovative approaches that challenge and disrupt the status quo and augment the important work of caseworkers to help them better help children and families in need.

Let’s go faster… and do more good.

0 million
kids are in home following a valid report of abuse or neglect and we could do a much better job monitoring them
of kids over 12 don’t get a permanent foster home placement
of workers admit they can’t keep up with their work, and 95% say that decisions are worse due to insufficient data
turnover for caseworkers – they know they can’t keep up and need help
number of child deaths according to one study where workers failed to make timely visits…in all of them
over 10% of children are not visited by their caseworker in a given month

Leading our Child Welfare Cause…

Sean Toole
Sean TooleClient Partner
“Child Welfare is due for innovation, both in process management and use of technology. Let’s embrace the opportunities, together.”