Leading family-centered child support transformation

Child support has long been one of the most successful safety net programs in the country’s history. The social landscape in which child support has operated for nearly a century, however, is changing and collections on behalf of children are declining across the country.

To continue to remain relevant and effective and achieve the outcomes that matter most – such as improve parental engagement, increase collections on behalf of children, and enhance the customer and worker experience – agencies that operate child support programs are discovering that they must transform to meet the evolving needs of the modern family.

To successfully transform and create a more family-centered program, it is critical that child support staff have the capacity to perform work designed to promote parental responsibility, move more parents to paying status, and increase reliability of child support payments

With limited staffing and budgetary resources, child support programs find that they must reclaim the needed staffing capacity from within their existing operation. And this is where the Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®) team comes in to help.

Using our proven, capacity-building approaches and technology solutions, we help you rethink how the important work of your program gets done to drive voluntary compliance and improve outcomes.

Rethink how the work gets done to drive voluntary compliance and improve outcomes

Increase collections

Improve parental engagement

Improve worker morale and retention

Strengthen compliance and avoid penalties

Improve accuracy of orders

Rethink how your child support program serves children and families in need

Redesign business processes to achieve desired outcomes

Our team helps you redesign business processes to align with and support a more modernized, family-centered mission. Using our proven, capacity-building approaches, we work with you and your team to reclaim the staffing capacity needed within your existing operation to successfully implement and sustain the new model and achieve desired outcomes.

Optimize service delivery and workforce productivity at the push of a button

Current™, C!A’s service delivery platform, helps child support agencies serve as many families as possible with the resources available each day. In one single dashboard, you can see in real time how much work exists across the program, who is working, and how quickly families are being served. Its intelligent work routing functionality – powered by the Get Next button – ensures the right work is delivered to the right worker (skillset + availability) at the right time (priority).

Maximize your technology modernization investment

Modernization of legacy systems affords you the opportunity to
rethink work that technology ultimately supports. And that’s what our team can help you do. By identifying the ideal business model and processes in advance of investing in a new technology solution, you will maximize your technology investment – ensuring you select the best solution that will support your work and help you provide the best service possible to families when they need you most.

Thought Leadership: A new way of thinking

Want to see Current in action?

Request a demo and see first-hand how our service delivery platform can help you manage on-site and virtual operations in one seamless solution.

Act today to deliver brighter tomorrows to children and families

Highly skilled in modernization, capacity-building, and business process redesign efforts, our Child Support Practice team is ready to help you change the trajectory of child support in your jurisdiction.

Contact our Child Support Practice Team today.

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