Reclaim staff capacity to do more good

For state economies to recover and grow in a post-pandemic world, it is critical for states to help workers get back to work. To successfully do so, they must first tackle one of the biggest barriers to workers (re)entering the workforce:  child care.

Often overlooked as an economic driver, access to high-quality and affordable child care is the key to more jobs, better futures for children, and more productive workers.

Unfortunately, today’s child care system is not prepared to deliver on this promise.

To realize and truly maximize the potential that child care offers, we must first create a more modernized, robust, customer-focused system/program that meets the needs of today’s families. It must be easy to understand and navigate, affordable and worth the investment, and offer a comprehensive provider network qualified and ready to provide the level of care families need, expect and trust.

Quite simply – it’s time to reimagine child care. But how can you and your team – already facing a staff capacity crisis and struggling to meet demand – find the time to modernize?

This is where the Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®) team comes in to help.

Using our proven, capacity-building approaches and SaaS technology solutions, we help you rethink how the important work of your agency gets done – allowing you to reclaim the capacity you need to better and more quickly serve families and providers and improve outcomes that matter most.

Contact C!A today and let’s discuss how we can help you deliver on child care’s promise and create a bright future for children and families.

Rethink how the work gets done to achieve outcomes that matter most

Provide a fully integrated system

Improve family experience

Improve provider licensing/participation

Improve accuracy

Strengthen compliance and avoid penalties

Capacity-building approaches
and SaaS solutions to help you do more good

What we do…and how we help

Redesign business processes to achieve desired outcomes

Optimize service delivery and maximize workforce productivity

Revolutionize management of Child Care

Want to see Current in action?

Request a demo and see first-hand how our service delivery platform can help you manage service delivery and optimize workforce productivity at the push of a button.

Act today to deliver a bright future for children and families

Contact our Child Care Practice Team today and let’s discuss how we can help you and your team deliver on child care’s promise and create a bright future for children and families.

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