Do you have the staff capacity needed to serve customers timely?

Human services and safety net agencies are tasked with an enormous responsibility:  quickly deliver access to vital safety net benefits to as many customers as possible with the resources available each day.  This is no small feat – made even more challenging with limited staff capacity due to workforce shortages.

At a time when agencies have more work coming in than staff to do it, how can agencies increase their capacity so they can do more good

It starts by understanding your existing staff capacity and outstanding work across your agency, and how long it will take you to do it.  And this is exactly what C!A’s Capacity Calculator is designed to help you do.  Once you know the enormity of the challenge you are facing, C!A’s team of experts – using our proven capacity-building approaches and SaaS solutions – are ready to help you develop a customized plan to help you maximize your capacity, ensuring you are serving as many customers as possible with the resources you have each day. 

Do you know your agency’s existing staff capacity?

Let’s get started!

Try our Capacity Calculator to calculate your agency’s staff capacity and understand more about maximizing your capacity to do good.

*Note:  Capacity calculations are intended to inform and help guide your decision-making.  While C!A’s Capacity Calculator incorporates many factors in its calculation of your agency’s capacity, many other factors specific to your state or agency may impact complete accuracy.

More Capacity Calculators coming soon!​

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