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Capacity as a Service: Delivering Staff Capacity When and Where You Need It Most

To successfully navigate PHE unwinding and the crushing redetermination workload, agencies will have to give it all they’ve got…and more.   And that’s where C!A comes in to help.  As experts in capacity building for human services, our Capacity as a Service suite of solutions are designed to help you maximize the power you have…and deliver the extra power you need so that you can power through PHE unwinding as quickly and as efficiently as possible.   ​

Successfully navigating PHE unwinding and the redetermination workload coming your way will require a multi-dimensional operational approach that takes people, processes, and technology into consideration.  Our suite of solutions is designed to help you ensure all three of these critical components are working together – and operating at full capacity.

Working with you, we will curate a customized solution from our Capacity as a Service solutions suite of offerings that will deliver the added capacity your agency needs – when and where you need it most.

Solutions Designed to Help You Overcome:

Staffing crisis/high vacancy rates

Difficult hiring market

Lengthy training period for new eligibility workers

Seven different solutions (content/graphic to be coming)

Overcoming Challenges and Limiting the Pain

Who We Are

Our team of human services experts – who have a proven track record helping agencies build and regain staff capacity and overcome backlog – is ready to help you create and implement a customized approach best suited to your operation that helps you tackle, tame, manage and work the wave of Medicaid redeterminations.

Having worked with over 50% of the states in the country to transform Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF service delivery models and business practices, we can immediately share with you capacity-building strategies and solutions that helped human services agencies survive pandemic demand and the Great Recession. Our proven approaches and solutions consistently help agencies serve 40% more

And, our proven solutions can help you and your team navigate unwinding the Public Health Emergency, as well.

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