Data insights so you can take the RIGHT action RIGHT now.

As a leader, it is critical that you have the data you need to stay on top of what is going on across your operation. Knowing how well your team is delivering access to vital human services programs ensures you can take action now before it’s too late.

PathOS® – C!A’s powerful capacity analytics software – rises above all of your internal systems, such as eligibility, telephony, and document management, and aggregates the data from ALL access points, including lobby, non-lobby, call centers and processing centers. It provides you with a real-time view of how quickly clients are being served, if backlogs are developing, and where to reassign staff and resources.

PathOS provides you with the big picture, yet helps you focus in on areas that may need more attention or review without reconciling data from multiple systems.

Real-time data across
ALL access points to
help you know …

How quickly are clients being served?

Where are backlogs developing?

Where should you reassign staff?

PathOS provides you with the big picture, yet helps you focus in on areas that may need more attention or review without reconciling data from multiple systems.

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Real-time data across all access points:

With PathOS, you will know right now – not tomorrow or next month – how timely your agency delivers human services. At any moment of the day, leadership is able to understand workload by type, availability of staff, and receive guidance in matching the two to optimize production for the best possible outcomes/

Monitor, measure, and manage wait time, workflow, and other thresholds in real time

Reallocate your resources locally and system-wide

Compare and enhance performance

Technically speaking, PathOS offers…

Integrations you rely on

  • flexible API provides integration with multiple systems:
    • document management
    • telephony systems
    • eligibility
    • others
  • provides manager with a comprehensive, real-time view of all access points

Controls IT trusts

  • secure, cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution
  • leverages the latest encryption technologies

Features users love

  • real-time visibility into your operations across all access points
  • provides alerts to make necessary resource changes
  • configured to align with your operation and processes
  • provides on-demand reports
  • quick to implement with no overhead
  • highly intuitive

Making a STATE-ment:

DWSS has worked with lots of consultants over the years and they all had nice brochures, but Change & Innovation Agency really made good on their promises and delivered in a big way for Nevada. The improvement in service delivery in terms of gained capacities and efficiencies was dramatic and sustainable. Change & Innovation not only guided us through the transformation from a case management model to a task based system, but also provided us with a task tracking system called PathOS, and follow- up support above and beyond our expectations. We are now working to expand their product into all other areas of our operation and look forward to a continued partnership with them for years to come.

Steve H. Fisher, Administrator, Division of Welfare and Supportive Services - Nevada

Technology solutions play a role in assisting with the automation of work and making reporting and data collection easier, but they do not, on their own, make significant strides in helping offices increase efficiency and serve more clients. C!A offers PathOS implementation as a companion to our process management strategy. This means that instead of relying solely on PathOS, you also gain access to C!A’s process consulting experts – former human services leaders who understand first-hand the challenges you and your team face.  They will monitor your workload data and work hand-in-hand with your local manager and staff to co-manage local office operations and accomplish day-to-day operational goals.

Our team of human services experts combined with PathOS are a powerful duo that work to help you and your team achieve what is most important:  delivering needed assistance to your clients as quickly as possible.

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Leading our Capacity Analytics cause…

Carl Medley
Carl MedleyCapacity Analytics Lead
“Capacity analytics is not just about doing more, with less…it’s about having the data you need to make well-informed process and staffing decisions that will allow you and your team to get the most out of what you have…for the long haul.”