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Using data to help redetermine Medicaid Eligibility

Capacity is a central concern for Medicaid agencies across the country as they redetermine coverage. The first step towards addressing this is to reduce the workload through ex parte resolutions. However, to truly empower the agency's workforce, it is crucial to equip them with the right tools and eliminate the need to search through multiple systems. While various data options exist, the key lies in proper curation - how we utilize, serve, and refine the data. By doing so, we unlock the full capacity of our existing workforce.

Back to the Basics: Proven Approach to Identify, Tackle and Overcome Backlog

To effectively prepare for, navigate, and manage redetermination and associated program backlogs that will undoubtedly develop in the coming weeks and months as agencies unwind PHE, here are five critical steps agencies can take.

Never Get Behind Again: Old Thinking Through a New Lens

Break free of backlog by focusing on one-day timeliness.

One and Done: The Strategy and Measures You Need to Make Your Call Center Work

In the face of increased customer demand and decreased resources, many human service agencies have turned to call centers in the hopes of serving more customers at less cost. What these agencies are quickly discovering is that phone centers actually drive up costs while killing employee and customer satisfaction at the exact same time. How [...]

Process Management – They Speak for Themselves

There have been many questions from program administrators on process management work at a time when state agency capacities remain stagnant while demand for public assistance continues to increase.

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